You Are Playing At Writer: A tough love speech from a wannabe author to herself.

Hey you!

Yes, you there. What are you doing? Weren’t you supposed to be writing? Did you not spend eight hours in a mindlessly repetitious job, thinking of nothing but coming home and fulfilling your life’s true calling? What happened to your plan?

You were going to walk in the door, kick off your shoes, feed your dog, and get down to business. But the second after little Fido’s nose was going hog-wild on a pile of meaty pebbled goodness, a thought popped into your head. Dinner, it said! Of course, little fluffy poopkins was getting his, you needed to get yours. However, actually cooking, with actual, god-forbid, cookware, was simply out of the question.  You needed overly processed sustenance and you needed it now! And once you returned from your local fast food window, you were going to break your wrist from typing so fast!

But, you couldn’t be expected to write and eat, could you? You’d watch a little television, turn the brain off, and let yourself relax.  Then maybe you’d get online and read a little from the local writing blogs. Then the not so local writing blogs. You just had to browse the latest tips and tricks available for all the worlds aspiring scribes to be.  Another interesting way to show and tell? They had you at “Another”! And how do you actually go about getting self published? And some random stranger wants to do book art for you? Well, it would be absolutely insane not to send them a pricing inquiry, with a detailed idea of what you’re requesting, even though you have written give or take one chapter.

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What in the world am I doing?

A litle insight into my work desk

To be completely honest, the main reason I believed myself able to keep up with this blog, no matter any evidence to the contrary, was the copious amounts of downtime I have at work. I wish I could say that the last few days I’ve had less amount of downtime, however, it’s more like, I’ve been otherwise occupied during my abundant downtime.  Which, is all a very fancy way of saying, I’ve become obsessed with making origami figures.  It’s probably one of the saddest things that I’ve found myself infatuated with, but here we are. 

Now, with that being said, I have embarked on a new story endevor.  As I described it to the boyfriend, it’s kind of like Neverwhere but in eastern Kentucky. Obviously thats a simplification, but I think it covers it well. 

It’s about young-ish waitress who finds herself being drug kicking and screaming away from her twenties, clinging to excuse after excuse for why she is stuck in her backwards little hometown, when her life takes a turn to right.  She takes it upon herself to check on the wellbeing of one of her parents elderly, but regular, patrons, and finds out there is far more to her hometown than she ever knew.  Now, if she can just survive long enough to tell anyone.

Not a bad summary, considering I’ve shat out nothing more than a chapter, but I’m quite passionate about this piece.  And they say you should write what you know! What could I know better than home?

Keep your eyes open, because you may find me posting samples from the story up here on the blog, and I’ll definitely announce when it’s finished. Meanwhile, does anybody have any tips on outline writing, or does anyone keep a schedule to help them keep pace?

Header Update/What Am I Up To?

Image © Sarah Elizabeth Simpson

I grew up in a very gorgeous area of Kentucky, but unfortunately I was never able to appreciate until I left. I lived in flat land for far too long, and now every time I make that drive back home, the first sight of the thick, green hill tops always knocks the breath out of my for a moment. I searched, and searched, but it took me forever to find a picture that just truly captured the way I saw home, but then I stumbled upon this ladies photograph. It was actually taken in Lancaster, KY, which is truthfully closer to where I live now, then to where I use to live, but it looks just like home.  I just had to have to have it for my header. I definitely recommend that anyone who can to check out her flickr stream, as there are just some tremendously gorgeous pictures in there. I do believe that picture shall remain at the top for a long, long time.

I’m also going to start something new.  Every now and then I’m going to post a couple of things that I’m obsessed with at, and hope that other people will join in as well. For example:

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